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Vibha Ravee - My Mentor
It was a pleasant experience working with Sulakshana.

Sulakshana has a natural talent for creating a right type of style for the clients for their best portrayal. She is quick and has an analytical mind which is apprecited to develop and transform an individual into an Attractive Personality. She has an inate ability to rediscover and untap the best side of the client. She is a confident critique with an independent mind. I wish her all the best for future and hope she reaches the soaring heights in Image Counsulting.
Sangeeta Rajeswaran - Playback Singer and Hypnotherapist
I am constantly in the media, judging shows, making guest appearances and performing on stage. While I can afford to be in jeans n tee during recordings, the others require me to be in front of a large audience. That requires some flashy stylish dressing. But when Iam doing my therapy, my clients need to look up to me and take my suggestions seriously. That calls for slightly more professional and conservative dressing. So I have always tried to maintain a balance between style and comfort, keeping in mind my body type and what's in vogue

During my session with Sulakshana, I was curious as to what more she would contribute to what I already knew. Her analysis had some other areas to explore like hair, contrast and measurements of body. Colours was a revelation, and the colour palette she gave me is part of my handbag now. Sulakshana has very beautifully made her report on these findings, keeping in mind my preferences and personality. Her report helps me make informed decisions while buying clothes, shoes and accessories. Thanks to Sulakshana, I now infuse what I like with what accentuates my appearance, while shopping. I would recommend her to anybody who wants to improve his/her image both professional and personal.
Hemal Mundra
The biggest challenge is to make someone try a new approach to it in the clothes they wear, the colours they carry, the accessories they choose, their attitude.....their style quotient.....Sulakshana does this with such panache and ease that you wonder why you didn't think of it earlier....she makes your make over so smooth and such a breeze with her attention for detail to the smallest of elements in styling.....a true image reformer.

After meeting Sulakshana I have found a new perspective to me, she is definitely The go-to-girl for staying stylish.
Sulakshana, apart from being a dear friend, is an image makeover consultant. From personal experience, I can say that she has a good eye for clothes and what will suit a person. She is professional, organized, and efficient. She will spend some time with you on a one-on-one basis, prepare a comprehensive report, and then come shopping with you to choose clothes that will suit and complement you. She will go through your entire wardrobe and help you decide which clothes to keep, which to alter, and which to give away.

She has a discerning eye when it comes to accessories as well. If you currently don't wear accessories, your perspective might just undergo a radical change once you work with Sulakshana. She tells you how to team up that delicate necklace with a sophisticated outfit or that chunky bracelet with your sporty, outdoor look.

She will also tell you which shades of lipstick will go best with your complexion and how to use cosmetics and accessories to accentuate your best features while minimizing your flaws.

If you meet a lot of people and are interested in fashion, you will definitely benefit from her services. If you think only celebrities need an image makeover, think again! Meet her with an open mind and you could just surprise yourself and everyone around with the new you!

Have fun!
Major Bhasker Khosla
The way Sulakshana goes about making her analysis about your body type/skin type/life style and even the moods to suit your profile with your dressing sense is just commendable.She gets in to the nitty gritties and it makes you discover so much in you that you will find a new person in you.And thats a promise . Me and my wife really wondered why some clothes and colors looked better on us while others looked better on mannequins despite having the same body structures.. In all a completely well worth session.Take a dip n see the change in your life style.. Bravo n kudos to Sulakshana. You rock....god bless you... Have fun!
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